MLK Day of Service Volunteers 2019

长期以来,灌输终身服务的价值一直是阴边学院教育的标志. 学生在年级PK-12从事服务项目全年超出十大娱乐平台排行榜的校园到大匹兹堡地区和世界各地.

SSA MLK DayS of Service

A tradition since 2011, Shady Side Academy honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy of serving others through the annual SSA MLK Days of Service each January. Throughout the month, students learn about Dr. King's life and legacy, 在集会和咨询/课堂期间参与服务学习活动, and participate in campus service drives. SSA还为学生和家庭提供校外服务匹兹堡社区其他人的机会.

Year-Round Service Efforts

Country Day School

除了全校范围的努力外,乡村走读学校的每个年级都参加年度服务项目. 项目包括为饥饿背包组织收集食物, tennis shoe collection for recycling, Jump Rope and Hoops for Heart, 为联合劝募会收集书籍制作识字工具包, 在节日前为布莱德利中心举办玩具驾驶活动, collecting hats and mittens for the 无家可归儿童教育基金会和四年级学生拜访奥克蒙特长老会老年护理中心的老年朋友.

Junior School

除了全校范围的努力外,初中的每个年级都参加年度服务项目. Class projects include: delivering flowers to neighbors in the community (PK); the Salvation Army's Bounce for Bundle-Up (K); the "Hearts for Haiti" fundraiser and planting spring bulbs (grade 1); a Thanksgiving food drive for a local food bank (grade 2); a pajama drive for foster children (grade 3); a supply drive for Humane Animal Rescue (grade 4); and playing holiday music at a local nursing home (grade 5). 全校范围内的项目包括每年的捐赠树和节日玩具募捐活动, 学生们在哪里为有需要的孩子购买和捐赠玩具.

Middle School

中学生每年都会参加全球行动日, 为整个学校提供全面的服务学习日,包括与当地非营利组织的教育课程和实践服务项目. Each year Global Action Day has a different theme, 每个年级都侧重于与该主题相关的不同服务工作. 学生们在咨询小组中开会,集思广益,讨论他们可以在本学年剩下的时间里实施的服务项目,以继续支持他们的事业. In addition, 社区服务委员会计划和领导各种社区服务项目和活动.

Senior School


  • Service Learning Club – Activities include volunteering at soup kitchens and food banks; hosting blood drives; restoring/rebuilding homes; a holiday gift drive for needy children, and more. Learn more.
  • Urban Pathways Tutoring -学生们自愿在选定的周六上午在匹兹堡市中心的城市道路特许学校辅导3-5年级的小学生数学和阅读. Learn more.
  • Parkin Fellowships -学生可申请暑期奖学金,参与全球各地的服务项目. Learn more.
  • Student Clubs -一些学生社团专注于服务项目, such as CARE, the Chiapas Club, the Environmental Club, and Kids of Haiti. Learn more.